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Hold Down Clip for 2" (5cm) Thick Lay-In Panels

A Non-rusting Hold Down Clip fitting Fiberglass Ceiling Grids

The new clip is made of PVC and holds 2" to 2.5" (5 to 6.5 cm) thick lay-in panels. Often these panels are laminated with 0.03" FRP on both sides of insulating foam.


Non-Rusting Hold Down Clip for Metal Ceiling Grids

Fits Most Metal Grids and Holds Down Thin Panels

  • Made of non-rusting plastic - PVC
  • Designed to hold down nominal 0.09" thick Fiberglass lay-in panels
  • Available in custom lengths to tailor the holding power you need
  • Standard, stocked length of 1.25"

Wall Clip For KEELGRID

Aids Installation of Grid

  • Allows you to anchor a main runner or cross tee to the wall / wall molding
  • Fits on KEELGRID Tee and has "ears" at about 90 degrees which can be riveted to wall.
  • Recommened for use on Main Runner and Cross Tee bridges to Wall Molding on two adjacent walls
  • Replaces conventional Splice Clip (only for the Tee-to-Wall bridge --- and only about half of these bridges)

Shown below in a rough picture is the wall clip resting on the wall angle and clipped to a portion of a main runner tee or cross tee.


"Cloud Install" Corner Clip

We have developed this new Corner Clip in response to the recent industry trend of mounting KEELGRID as a free hanging system. This free hanging installation is also known as a Cloud Installation.


  • Allows you to use Wall Molding as a grid border without attaching to wall.
  • Creates a 90 degree corner.


The photo at right shows a typical corner assembly that uses the Corner Clip to tie the Wall Molding pieces together.

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